The Mount View Holiday Bungalow


Other than, the above facilitates we have offered you some more, just because we here at Mount View, are always concerning about your convenience. We always try to give you the maximum we can so that you will experience the maximum possible facilities for the money you are paying. We are bound to make your stay a nice and exciting experience

  • Al’carte menu with eastern and western dishes.
  • Parking

We have good parking facilities for you so that you will not be

  • Fully furnished lobby area

Spend your evening with your family members having a chat with a coffee

  • Satellite TV facilities

Enjoy our Satellite TV facilities which are rich with more than 100 Local and Foreign television channels. Whatever your interest is, we can assure that it will be fulfilled with the Satellite TV facilities. Let it be Movies, Music, Adventure etc. every well-known international channels of each category are available with our Satellite TV facilities.

Mount View Bungalow, itself has made it an ideal place for a team of colleagues to have a friendly chat session with the calm and quite surrounding.

  • Outdoor dining with scenic view

You can get an outdoor dining arranged if you need. We here are always ready to make your requirement a reality and let you have the dining experience under the shadows of the trees around while witnessing the panoramic views of the mountain ranges.

  • Nature trails

One of the most attractive activities you can have being in Mount View is the Walk you will be having while being with Mount View Bungalow. It is indeed a wonderful experience. The morning sun rises through the mountain range showering the warm rays on you thereby giving you a warm feeling in to your body. The grass layers soak with the water droplets make the ideal surface to walk on. In addition to that, the cool breezes starting from the mountain ranges flows through you making your body chilled. In your walk you can witness the hidden beauty of the nature. How the birds start their day flying away from their nest and join a herd and fly over the trees making natural patterns on the sky.

  • 24-hour room service

We provide you the facility to contact us in any time day or night in any of your matters