The Mount View Holiday Bungalow


  • How much time will it take to be there in Kandy from Mount View Bungalow?

It will just less than a half an hour traveling time

  • How many Kilometers are there from Kandy town to Mount View Bungalow?

There are only about 22 KMs from Kandy town to Mount View Bungalow

  • How much time will it take to reach the Ambuluwawa Multi cultural center?

It’s just one kilometer away.

  • How many KMs from Gampola to Mount View Bungalow?

It’s very close to  Gampola and it is just 2 KM s away from the Gampola town so you will be  having just a 5 minute drive and you will be reaching the Mountain View Bungalow

  • How to reach Ambuluwawa Multi cultural center?

It is obvious as Mount View Bungalow is  situated very close to the Ambuluwawa vehicle park

  • What kind of experience people are there in our Hotel?

There are 4 team members and among them one chef is having more than 25 years on the Hotel industry and others are having almost more than 10 years of service in the Hotel Industry.

  • Is driver accommodation available in Mount View Bungalow?

Yes. According to your request we can arrange the accommodation facility for your driver.

  • How many Guests you can host at once in Mount View Bungalow?

At the moment 10 guests can be hosted at a given time and we will be expanding the facilities of the Mount View Bungalow in the future so that we will be providing our service to more customers.

  • What is the Policy on the Children and the payments for them?

All the children whose ages are below 6 years are considered Free of charge and the children whose ages between 6 and 12 are  considered as children in price list with a different rate.

  • Do you have experienced Chefs?

Yes. Our staff in Mont View Bungalow is well experienced. Our main chef is well experienced in Hotel industry over 25 years.

  • What type of climate is there in Mount View Bungalow?

Climate in this area is somewhat cool and the temperature hits 120C – 200 C in this area as it are situated in an area which has been surrounded by mountains.

  • Is it possible to arrange Birth Day parties and small parties in Mount View Bungalow?

Yes, as per your request, we can arrange your Birthday or small parties here in Mount View Bungalow so that you will be able to host your small function very well.

  • Can we arrange take away facilities from Mount View Bungalow?

Yes, we can arrange take away facility for you on your request in case you are planning to visit Ambuluwawa Multi Cultural complex or if you passed by Gampola.

  • Do your packages include Tea / Coffee facilities?

Yes, If someone stay with us on package with food (Eg-BB,HB,FB) tea and coffee includes to the package.

  • What kind of parking facilities is available, is it in garage or outdoor?

We possess a safe outdoor parking facility

  • Do you provide Jacuzzi facility for the rooms?

Yes, only for one room, it is for Suite room.

For other two rooms shower cubicles will be provided.

  • How is your reservation cancellation policy?

We do follow a policy on the reservation cancellation in order to provide you with a more quality service that we are always looking for. Our reservation policy cancellation will be as follows.

  • If the date of you inform the cancellation, is 14 days prior to the arrival, there will be no charges for the cancellation.
  • If you inform the cancellation between 7-14 days to the event you will be charged a cancellation charge worth 25% of the total cost of the function.
  • If you inform the cancellation between 3-7 days to the event you will be charged a cancellation charge worth 50% of the total cost of the function.
  • If you inform the cancellation between 3-0 days to the event, you will not be able to get your money refunded as 100% of the cost will be charged as cancellation charge due to the cancellation and delay in notifying the hotel.