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Dambulla is a fast developing town situated in an important center of the Matale District in the Central Province of Sri Lanka.It is situated 148 KM away from Colombo and 76 KM away from Gampola.

The inhabitance of the Dambulla dates back to between 7th and 3rd century BC. You see the statues and the paintings in the cave temple which date back to the 1st century BC. The ancient story about the building of the marvelous rock temple says that the King Valagamba alias Vattagamini Abhaya had been given protection by the Monks meditating in these caves in Dambulla while he was hiding from the then rulers of the Anuradhapura Kingdom. After the King Valagamba crowned as the King of Ceylon in 1st BC, he has built this wonderful rock temple as a gratitude to the help given by the meditating monks of Dambulla. This is also called as the Golden Temple of Dambulla thus has been declared  a World Heritage Site in 1991 You will see some wonderful best-preserved cave temples that Sri Lanka possesses. The rock alone runs some 160m over the plain areas around the temple making a panoramic view for someone who gets on to it.The documents proof on some 80 caves used for mediation by monks earlier days.

The following are the major attractions associated with Dambulla.

1. Dambulla Cave Temple

2. South Asia’s largest Rose Quartz mountain range

3. Iron Wood forest (NamalUyana)

4. Ibbankatuwa prehistoric burial site