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Udawattakele Sanctuary


‘Udawattakele’ Sanctuary is also another important attraction found in Kandy which has a long history associated with it.The name ‘Udawattakele’ means the forest above the garden which spreads over 250 acres of land approximately and this sanctuary was formally declared a sanctuary in 1938 During the colonial period ’UdawattakeleSanctuary’ was called the ‘Royal Forest Park’. This sanctuary has a long history which runs towards around 2nd century AD.A person called Senkada was the pioneer in making this land in to what it has become today. Later during the King Vickramabahu III  period this sanctuary made limited only to the Royal family and named it as ‘Udawasalawatta’.Due to the heavy use of firewood from the sanctuary it faced deforestation but later around 1856, the then royal government declared this a reserved forest. ’Udawattakele Sanctuary’ is important in making the Kandy city with an attractive scenery and it also contributes a lot to the environment balance of the Kandy city area.

The sanctuary is rich with valuable trees such as ‘Nuga’ and ‘Mahogany’ trees. Another attraction in this famous ‘Udawattakele Sanctuary’ that there are number of romantic pathways within this sanctuary. Amongst those, Lady Hilton’s Walk is a significant one and it’s an old pathway available here in’ UdawattakeleSanctuary’. Lovers’ Walk is the pathway that has been able to attract the young lovers and this path is around the large pond in the sanctuary. Apart from that, the Giant Puswela is another important attractive place in ‘Udawattakele Sanctuary’ which is old around 200-300 years, it is a marvelous creation of the nature.Deers,Hares,Squirrels and various types of beautiful birds who contribute to the natural beauty and bio-diversity of the site..