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Hindagala Temple


Amongst the many ancient places around Kandy, next one is the Hindagala Temple. This temple has been a monastery for the Buddhist clergy for a long time period with a mild environment suited for such a monastery which is situated on the Galaha.This temple has archeological importance as there are caves thus named as “Len Viharaya”.

According to the archeological evidence the temple has been built around 6 century. The paintings appearing in the cave which shows the two traders of the Buddhist era ‘Thapassu and Bhalluka’ who offered alms to the Lord Buddha, and the episode of the Supreme God of the heaven or ‘Shakra Devi’ who is listening to the Dhamma preaching. The Sacred Tooth Relic once has been kept in this Hindagala Temple. Other items to visit are the seated Buddha Statue and a reclining Buddha Statue.