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Lankathilaka Viharaya

Another important place you should not miss visiting is the Lankathilaka Viharaya in Kandy. This ancient temple was constructed during the regime of the King Prarakramabahu at 14th AD and later King Vijayabahu IV had done some re-constructions there to renovate the temple.

The temple is a wonderful creation of Sinhalese architectural tradition. It has been built out of clay bricks. It is believed that it had been built in to five storied building and this temple has been beautified with flowers, animals, birds and statues of Gods. There are two mammoth pillars at the entrance of the temple which were believed to have a height more than 100ft.There is an Image House which contains shrine rooms (Devalaya ) for the four guardian gods of the island and the outer artwork of the image house is very attractive as it is decorated with statues of the Elephants which has been able to bring this a proud look.

The entire temple is built on the rock. Inside the temple, at the end of the passage there is a large Buddha Statue but has been now damaged. The holy place where this Buddha Statue is situated has been decorated with various complex floral designs. Walls and the ceiling are filled with the paintings and marvelous and creative wood carvings can also be seen inside the image house. The Pali inscription found on the rock where the temple has been built on is believed as the document of the precious gifts given to the artist who created this artwork, as the returns for the marvelous artwork.