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Namal Uyana

Namal Uyana  (Iron Wood forest)

Ironwood tree is an endemic tree of Sri Lanka. Trees seen here are said to be re-planted in the 8th AD during the King Devanampiyatissa regime and that of King Dappula IV.In early days this has been used as sanctuary for the Buddhists monks and later  as a prison camp with the punishment of planting Ironwood trees.

Some rare medicinal plants are seen under the shades of Na Trees which makes a cool experience to those who visit the forest even though it is situated in dry zone. Another exciting thing is the natural water flows originating from the pink quartz mountain. At the entrance you will see a container overflowing water which is pouring in to it as a small waterfall.

Some highlights that you will be able to witness at ‘Namal Uyana’are as follows: Namal Seya(Stupa), Bodigaraya, Pilimageya(Shrine room), Galpahana(Stone lamp), Galpathraya(Stone bowl) , Sakman maluwa(walking area) etc.