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Rose Quartz mountain range

South Asia’s largest Rose Quartz mountain range is the other mind striking place of visit around Dambulla. This natural invaluable site is situated 7 KM away from the Madatugama junction on the Dambulla – Anuradhapura main road .This site also has been declared a National Heritage site by Department of Wildlife Conservation. There is a row of seven mountains which are approximately over 150 m above sea level.

The archeological findings state that the Pink Quartz’s age dates back to about 550 million years. If you have a look at the mountain range being some far away, it will be making a nice cloudy scene with mixing the white mist in to the pink quartz it makes wonderful scenery also when you got to the top of the mountain, the scene runs miles through the plane lands. Scientific researches show that the Silicon di-oxide is the major ingredient of this pink quartz. According to the ancient stories, the Mogul Emperor Shah Jehan had imported pink quartz for beatifying the ‘Taj Mahal’.