The Mount View Holiday Bungalow

Nissanka Latha Mandapaya

Audience hall of the king Nissanka Malla

Nissanka Latha Mandapa (Audience hall of the king Nissanka Malla) is believed to be theĀ  hall used by the King Nissanka Malla to listen to the Chanting of Pirith(Buddhist Scriptures).This was created by the King Nissanka Malla.

A stone platform has been kept with some height and around the platform there are rock columns which are very unique for its carvings on it.The type of carvings found in this Nissanka Latha Mandapaya, are not found anywhere in the country. The top of the columns are shaped to as a flower head and the lower part of the column is shaped to as a stem of the flower. It is surprising how such carvings have been made so softly out of rock. In the middle of the platform there can be seen a Stupa which has been also created using rock yet the top of the stupa has now been destroyed.