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Palace of king Prarakramabahu

Royal Palace

The Palace of the great king Prarakramabahu I is a wonderful creation of the ancient architecture of Ceylon. The Palace is believed to have had seven floors and 1000 rooms. The walls of the Palace are very strong and thick so that they appear even today facing numerous hazards on its way. Large holes appearing in the walls proof that they have had wooden structures that created the floor of the upper levels of the Palace.

Another nice creation which can be found in Polonnaruwa is the Moonstone which sows some changes from the Anuradhapura era. There were some animals in the Moonstone. Specially unlike in Anuradhapura era, Polonnaruwa era Moonstone has not shown the Bull in the Moonstone based on the Hindu impacts. Other animals have been put in to three separate bands individually. The Polonnaruwa Moonstone is seen not only be front of the Temple but also front of the other buildings as well. Polonnaruwa Watadaage has a nicest Moonstone found in Polonnaruwa era.