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Ritigala mountain

Ritigala is the uppermost mountain, in the north-central flatly land of Sri Lanka, It is high as much as 2,513 feet above sea level. It is positioned close up to Kekirawa and Maradankadawala on one side and Habarana on the other, and can be seen obviously from the Dambulla-Anuradhapura road. The heap mass is about 3 miles long and about two miles wide at its widest point; it is covered with impenetrable forest settled by wild elephants, leopards and bears. It is the feeding watershed of the Malwatu Oya, which feeds the Nachaduwa Lake, and Kalueba Ela which feeds Huruluwewa. The higher part of the stack is well recognized for its plants, some of which are uncommon; it has also a variety of untamed orchids.

This heap has over 70 known caves that have been used as residence by the early population of the nation and then as monasteries by Buddhist clergy but there are no paintings in them. It has a long times gone by and is referred to as “arittha-pabbata” in the Mahavamsa, the huge past chronicle which minutes that the third king of Sri Lanka King Pandukabhaya,  (377-307 BC) lived  in the mountain for seven years getting ready for the wars to take the kingdom back. The early people of Ritigala referred to as “Yakkas” united Pandukabhaya’s grounds and helped and fought in his many wars. Ritigala features to have been also used by King Dutugemunu (101-72 BC) and by King Jetthatissa in the 7th century in their wars next to the Indian Invaders. There are rock inscriptions that point to that steadily, Ritigala had turned into a ascetic retreat for recluse (Pamsukulika) monks and a position of religious implication. By the 10th-12th century AD however Ritigala seems to have been vacant by the hermit monks and soon it was covered by forest and gone.

Ritigala is beyond description; You might have no idea to express the thoughts and emotions that approach over you when you even observe the mountain from the street whilst forthcoming it. There are any remains of the very old parts of the constructional bodies.

Gampola is the ideal place on the way to stay and have a rest during the journey towards that destination.