The Mount View Holiday Bungalow


History of the Sigiriya runs to the King Kashyapa’s reign. Archives such as Mahavamsa say the whole complex was built by King Kashyapa during AD 477 – 495. He is the originator of this composite city and citadel. He is one of highly praised person on the earth who turned a massive rock in to a striking citadel, which remains up to today. On the peak of the rock most of the detailed constructions located as well as roughly the rock which includes palaces, gardens and self-protective structures. After the king Kashyapa’s death, Sigiriya was then turned back into a Buddhist monastery. This monastery lasted until the thirteenth or fourteenth century. No records and proof are found on Sigiriya after this era, until the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, when it was used as an settlement of the Kingdom of Kandy. When the empire was ended again, Sigiriya was discarded and became unaccompanied, but never changed.