The Mount View Holiday Bungalow

Site plan

Appreciating the creativity of the Sigiriya is not enough. It is considered as one of the most important elaborate and imaginative urban sites of the first millennium. In the site there is a royal park in the west side of the rock for the king queen and other royal crew.

There are five gates at the entrance and among them more elaborate western gate have been reserved for the entrance of the royals which were used by the royals. This park contains several water retaining structures and it is including sophisticated surface systems as well as subsurface hydraulic systems. Even today some of the systems are working properly with making question “how it can possible?”  There is a reservoir in the south which was made by the man.

On the top of the rock can see the upper palace. Upper palace which includes cisterns cut into the rock. Those cisterns can still retain water. The palace and fortress are known as lovely places which were built in the heaven. It is giving full description about ingenuity and creativity of the builders and architectures and the power of the knowledge and the practically usage of the theories in science. The moats and walls that surround the lower palace are still exquisitely beautiful and marvelous.