The Mount View Holiday Bungalow

Esala perahera 2012

Kandy Esala perahera season 2012 will be held between 23rd of July to  02nd August 2012 .



This is the Officially announced schedule of the Kandy Esala Perahera 2012


Date                                                                 Event

19th July 2012                                         Planting of Kapa

19th - 22nd July 2012                             Internal Perahera of Four Devales

23rd July 2012                                          First Kubal Perahera

24th July 2012                                          Second Kubal Perahera

25th July 2012                                          Third Kubal Perahera

26th July 2012                                          Fourth Kubal Perahera

27th July 2012                                          Fifth Kubal Perahera

28th July 2012                                           First Randoli Perahera

29th July 2012                                           Second Randoli Perahera

30th July 2012                                           Third Randoli Perahera

31th July 2012                                            Fourth Randoli Perahera

01st August 2012                                       Fifth Randoli Perahera

02nd August 2012                                      Day Perahera


Join with us to see this magnificent event. Reserve your rooms early in Mount View bungalow.